Pole Dance Class


Entries now due by February 28, 2021, midnight BST

Due to lockdowns extending in many areas, we are extending the due date of our competition. We hope situations improve for our community and want everyone to have the best chance at winning one of the amazing prizes.


We are hosting a fun competition to showcase the creative talent of the pole community, find the Best Minutes of Pole but most importantly dish out cash and prizes!


To spice things up, we're adding an unconventional extra challenge for you.

Each video entry is to be a maximum of 1 minute.

That's it!

You've got 1 minute to prove you should win that category.

Fun categories are mixed level with a focus on creativity. Tricks Categories is leveled with a more traditional focus on technique (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite).



Fun Categories

  •  Pet participation

  •  Funny Pole

  •  Floor is lava

  •  Heel work

  •  Floor work (non pole!)

  • Themed pole

  • Costume

  • Clothes added

Tricks Categories

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Elite

Enter as many times as you like for $10 each! 


Let's get the creativity flowing and start working on what you want to showcase in your minute to win it!

Competition Rules


Entry Requirements

-All competitors MUST be over the age of 18.

-Entry fee is $10 per competition entry. (Note: We have received word that some people are having difficulty submitting payment/signing up. Please contact your bank as they may think it is fraudulent activity. People have also had success submitting credit card payment via PayPal)

-Entry form, fee and video link must be sent to confirm your entry. 

-Entries are due by February 28th, 2021, midnight BST.

-Entries are to be emailed to info@pole-free.com.

-You can enter as a doubles/group for any category as long as you are following your areas COVID guidelines.

-Entry to this competition is not restricted by location though please observe all laws within your country of residence.

-By entering you agree that Pole Free may share your entry to our social media account.


Fun Categories 

For this competition we have 8 categories and you can enter all of them! As many times as your like! You can even submit the same video across multiple categories. Each submission counts as a new entry and will be required to follow the entry requirements outlined above. 


Categories include: 


Best minute of floor work

This category is especially for those of you without access to a pole that love to roll it out. 


Best minute of pet participation

We want to see your doggos, your kitties, your parakeets and stuffed toys enjoy the magical experience of pole. 

Please be sensible – any animal abuse WILL NOT be tolerated, only volunteer pets allowed ☺️. 

Best minute of funny pole

Get ready to bring back rofl – we are looking for pure comedy gold. Times are tough at the moment so get us all belly laughing. 


Best number of clothes added in a minute

Okay, a wild category forgive us – however we were thinking that those of you with or without access to a pole right now certainly have your own abundance of pole attire at home. If you can’t get into the studio, you can certainly make use of it. We want to see the best minute of creatively adding on all of your pole stash.


Best minute of heels

This is for all you heel lovers out there, we see you. Get your babies out of the cupboard, give them some attention and inspire those heel virgins out there to give it a go. 

Best minute of themed pole

Have a favourite book or film? Why not mash that together with pole and show us uniquely you? Disney, Gladiator or Moulin Rouge – get creative with your pole. 


Best minute of floor is lava 

This is what it says on the tin. The floor is lava and you can’t touch it… for a whole minute.  You can start on the floor but must not touch it again.


Best use of costume
We know some of you have gorgeous costumes at home you’ve not been able to use this year so what better excuse! Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative and you find yourself with lots of spare time we’re looking for amazing homemade pieces. 


Level Categories: 

In addition to the fun categories above, we have different level categories you can enter. You may only enter one level – beginner/inters/advanced/elite. You may enter one of the levels as many times as you like. If you do enter different “levels” categories, only the highest-level entry will be judged and no entry fees will be refunded.


Best minute of tricks:

Pow Pow Pow. We want to see tricks we’ve never seen before, tricks that flow together in a way that we’ve never seen and find out what the best tricks in your repertoire are. How many tricks can really fit into a minute?! Must be one continuous video for these categories (no cutaways using TikTok or Instagram Reels). For this category, you must enter one of the following levels: 


Best minute of a beginners

No inverts


Best minute of a inters

No aerial inverts


Best minute of a advanced

Not paid to teach advanced classes


Best minute of a elite

No restrictions


Judging will be done by a panel of judges and sponsors; they will consider the following areas: 

  • Stage Presence / Audience Engagement

  • Presentation and interpretation of music relevance to theme

  • Creativity


The contestants with the best scores from judging will go through to the final and will be announced on our Instagram.


Entries, including payments and video links, must be received by February 28th, 2021. Successful contestants that get through to the final round will be announced in February 2021.  

The same video may be entered across multiple categories. You may not enter different “level” categories.

Deductions may be made for disallowed moves or going over the maximum amount of time allowed for your video entry (1 minute for each video).


Hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, defamatory themes or violent language must not be used within your video or music. (e.g. we don't find WAP offensive 😉)


Video Requirements

Must not be over 1 minute long and can be filmed in landscape or portrait 

Must be one continuous piece for levels categories however for the fun categories you can use cutaways such as Instagram Reels or TikTok. 

Please abide by social distancing, videos can be filmed in any location.

Please upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube unlisted and send us the link.

Prizes and Sponsors

We are extremely lucky to be working with the following sponsors who are providing the following prizes for this competition:

Off the Pole

£100 voucher to their store. Perfect-fitting, practical and gorgeous activewear for pole, aerial, swim, gym and lounge wear.


Online training course from worldwide leaders in global pole & aerial teacher training.


PX Xpert Pro Chrome Pole from the most popular fitness & dance poles in the world!

Olra Activewear

A jumpsuit from Olra Activewear. Olra Activewear is a fitness apparel online retailer based in the UK selling activewear for yoga, pole & aerial and swimwear.


€200 voucher to their store. RAD provides training wear for pole, aerial acrobatics, swim & fitness. Created by pole dancers.


£100 voucher to their store. Badass pole wear from the best brands worldwide.

Creatures of XIX

Clothing Set. Creatures of XIX are setting a new standard of fashion for movement artists.

Hella Heels

Shoes! Designed by dancers for dancers, Hella Heels are the leaders for iconic high heels.


Terms and Conditions

Entry fees are non refundable. Failure to follow competition rules will result in you being disqualified. Your video will not be judged if you do not pay your entry fee before the closing date. We may ask you to for the original file and further information should you make it through to the final.