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Sharing your content on the Pole Free instagram page will expand your reach and thus provide yourself with more opportunity for growth. You are in turn helping the Pole Free platform to be realized faster to serve the Pole Community! Win win!

Here’s a little bit about our Instagram audience:


  • We are nearly 30,000 followers strong 

  • “Swipe up” option available

  • Our largest number of these followers reside in the US and UK

  • 77% are between the ages of 25 and 44

  • 91% are women

  • Our engagement is currently steady over the course of the week with no day more active than another

  • Our peak time of day is 12:00 CST, 18:00 BST, 03:00 AEST everyday


What does this all mean? Your content will reach a niche audience of polers and enthusiasts! 



  • You are responsible for your own content creation.

  • Once your content is posted, no refunds will be provided

  • We are not responsible if your content is removed by Instagram

  • Your content will be posted in alignment with the information you provide in the linked form below once you have received approval by Pole Free.

  • You will be provided with a screen shot of the insights page for your post within 7 day of posting 

  • Pole Free reserves the right to refuse distribution of your content for any reason. This reason may or may not be provided to you

  • If you are notified by a member of Pole Free that your content will not be shared with our audience, you will be provided with a refund


If these terms and info are in line with your proposed content and business, please use the form to the right and submit payment. 


Thank you for considering expanding your reach with Pole Free!


The Pole Free Team

Questions? Email us at, message us using the chat feature on this site, or DM us on IG: @polefree.

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