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We are working very hard to bring you the Buckingham Palace of pole social media and resources. It’s our vision to deliver a one stop destination for all things pole so that polers and pole businesses can feel empowered to be their authentic self in a space that values freedom of expression and respect.

Pole Free has proven to be a MUCH bigger endeavor than first thought. We need to take the time to have the initial launch as lovable as possible by the pole community or we don’t want to do it. As with all big projects, we will make updates as time goes on to make it even better. 

We are working as quickly as possible to deliver Pole Free to the community. The current social media platforms we all use are not looking like they’re going to get better for polers. Recently, the eggplant and peach emojis have been banned when used in reference to human anatomy.



































Q:  When will Pole Free launch?


A:  Due to details in the overview, we have moved the launch date to 2020. We will provide updates and launch date as soon as we can! Keep checking in!

Q: Will Pole Free own or have rights to use what I post?


A: We will not own what you post, but may choose posts to highlight within Pole Free much like how we repost in Instagram currently.

Q: Will our videos be allowed to have music in them?


A: We are striving to be able to have music in videos.

Q: What kind of censoring will Pole Free have? 


A: You will be able to wear what you want within applicable laws. Hate speech will not be tolerated. We will have community guidelines available when we launch.

Q: How will you be moderating the community?


A: Pole Free will be monitored by your peers with oversight from a Community Council made up from the global pole community.

Q: Are there currently open opportunities to apply to volunteer with the Pole Free team? 


A: We’re always accepting applications. If you are interested in being considered for a role, please fill in the form linked in the description below.


Q: Are you looking for investors?


A: Yes. If you are considering to invest in Pole Free, please sign up at www.pole-free.com and check the box for “potential crowdfunder”. We’ll be in touch with options!

Q: What can we do now?


A: Sign up at https://www.pole-free.com/, contribute to upcoming crowdfunding efforts, take part in investment of Pole Free, and/or fill out an application.

Q: What kind of features will the Pole Free platform have?


A: There may be a tiered membership - options for instructors, studios, businesses to differentiate themselves and have slightly different features. It has to pay for itself - it must generate revenue - we have many options but won’t necessarily go into detail other than we would be looking at keeping pole free FREE for its main bulk of users and then a tiered system for specific functionality such as advertising and tutorials for example.

Q: How will you keep perverts away? 


A: The community guidelines will have a process for this. We will do our best to screen the creeps out; however, we can’t promise perfection. Reports of this behavior will be taken seriously.

Q: Will there be an age restriction for users?


A: Yes. This is still in progress. More details to follow.

Q: Will my content/profile be visible to the general public?


A: No. Pole Free is a private platform free from the public eye so you can be free to be yourself. We are exploring options to have a public section for those that wish to also share publicly.

Q: Will it be like another Instagram?


A: You will be able to post pictures, video, and comments like Instagram, BUT there will be other resources within the platform as well to benefit polers. One stop shop for all things pole.

Q: I spent a lot of time and effort building my IG page, I don’t want to start again. Will I be able to link them together?


A: To maintain the privacy of our users, we will not be linking our platform to outside platforms.

Q: I’m already maintaining a FB and IG page, why should I bother with a third one?


A: Since our platform is specially designed for Polers, we think you’ll find Pole Free’s environment more Poler friendly - music is ok in videos, poler friendly community guidelines governed by members from the actual pole community, and specific amenities specifically geared towards Polers wants and needs.

Q: Will there be an app?


A: Yes

Q: Will it be pole only or other aerial arts too?


A: To start out, our focus will be for Polers only. Other aerial arts are open for consideration in the future.

Q: Will it be available in other languages apart from English?


A: In the beginning, it will be English only. As Pole Free grows, we have plans to be inclusive of other languages as well.

Q: WIll you be making money off Pole Free?


A: Pole Free is a business owned by Pole Free community members (could even be you!) so we hope that it is able to maintain itself and grow. A business needs income in order to improve and grow the pole community.

Q: How will I be promoting my business?


A: You will have the option to post ads, be a part of Pole Free’s directory, and/or even sponsor a part of the platform and be promoted that way.

Q: What are the features and benefits for my business?


A: By utilizing the Pole Free platform, you have a much more relevant audience than the general public. You will also not be penalized for adverts or posts in the way the big social media platforms do. We will have our own, poler friendly community guidelines.

We are looking into options to enable promotion outside of Pole Free to attract new polers for pole businesses as well. 

You will have the option to be found in our directory for local and global businesses. Businesses that potentially benefit Polers and pole businesses such as tax accountants, physical therapists, hair & make up artists, etc will be invited to take part in being found in the directory as well.

Q: How much will it cost me?


A: We are still working out the finer details on cost but aim to make it as affordable as possible for paid accounts.

Q: How many people could I expect to reach?


A: This will depend on how many people join Pole Free. The response and support from the community has proven very promising so far.

Q: Are you looking for sponsors or partnerships?


A: We are! If you are considering sponsorships or partnerships, please contact us at partners@polefree.com